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Hyperlinks for those interested in the Arabic Language and the Arab World

Arab Media, Informational and Islamic links originally collected by Sakhr Software
All other links collected by Alexander Fraser, arabic@xand.net

Arab World

Arabia Online
1001 sites
ALMAKTABAH.COM: Internet Bookstore for Books in Arabic
Egypt's Information Highway
Fares Net
Middle East and Arab hot links
Arab Radio and Television (ART)
Access to Arabia
Maghreb Net
Arab-Related Forum
Human Rights in the Middle East, Amnesty International USA
Syria Online
Syrian Computer Society

Arabic / Middle-Eastern Studies

Modern Standard Arabic Page
Art of Arabic Calligraphy
Arabic Language Jump Off Points
University of Buffalo: World Languages Institute Arabic
University of Texas - MENIC
Arabic Language Home Page
Washington University in St. Louis: Arabic on the Web
Less Commonly Taught Languages Project
Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University
Ethnologue: Language Family Index: Afro-Asiatic
AATA - American Association of Teachers of Arabic

Language Courses - International

AMIDEAST - Middle East/North Africa Study Abroad Directory
AATA - Summer/Intensive Arabic Programs
Arabic Study Programs in the Arab World [MESA Bulletin, July 1994]
Funding, Fellowships and Programs for Graduate Students
Yahoo: Arabic Language Schools

Language Courses - by Country

Egypt: Arabic Language Institute at AUC
Germany: Sprachenzentrum an der TU-München - Arabisch
Jordan: Yarmouk Program at UVa
Morocco: Arabic Language and culture program
Syria: Syria-Net - Studies
Yemen: Yemen Language Center


Online Newspapers
Sahafa Online - directory of Arabic media
Arabic News .com Front Page for Arab News
Yahoo! Full Coverage:Israelis Start Lebanon Pullout


A Web of On-line Dictionaries
How far is it?


Excite Travel: Syria
Figure : Syria : Map
Islamic Holidays
Lebanon - Visas
Jordan - Consular Office
Syria, A Photographic Journey


World Language Resources: Arabic Software Map
Arabic2000.Com - Where can I find ...?
I.S.C: Products: ParsNegar II Arabic Word Processor
Sakhr Software
Glyph Systems: Arabic Fonts


Al-Nafitha magazine (Canada)
Assabeel magazine (Jordan)
Al Hadath magazine (Jordan)
Jordan Made Magazine


Al Hayat newspaper (England)
Asharqal-Awsat newspaper (Saudi Arabia)
Annahar newspaper (Lebanon)
Al-Anwar newspaper (Lebanon)
Al-Ayyam newspaper (Palestine)
Al-Watan newspaper (Qatar)
Al-Ayam newspaper (Bahrain)
Al-Raya newspaper (Qatar)
Al-Ittihad newspaper (UAE)
Albayan newspaper (UAE)

Countries and Organizations

Palestinian National Authority
Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Palestine)
Central Bureau of Statistics (Palestine)
Ministry of Information (Palestine)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Qatar)
Kuwait University

Information Sites

Middle East Directories
National Information System
Horizons for Media & Information
Palestinian Population, Housing and Establishments Census
Arab Scientific Publishers
Dar El Fikr
Al Saha Al Arabiah
Mishkat Al Ra'i


The Noble Quran
Al-Eijaz Magazine
al-Qur'an was-Sunnah Society
About The Quran

Islamic Mosque

The Noble Sanctuary
al-Azhar al-Sharif

Islamic Library

The Online Islamic Bookstore
Islamic Books for Children
Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization
Radio El_Islam

Women in Islam

The Status of Women in Islam
Women in Islam
Gender Equity in Islam
Muslim Sisters Page

Islamic Concepts

Islamic Center of Rolla-Missouri
Abusing the word "Islam"
Discover Islam
Islam-Faq Directory
The Islamic Gateway
Concept of Worship in Islam
Information on Haj and Umrah

Islamic Organizations

Islamic Association for Palestine
Muslim Parliament Homepage
Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA)
Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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