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Syria is an excellent location to study both Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine Colloquial Arabic (see the Overview for further information on these terms). There are two pages which offer respectively an exhaustive list of institutions offering courses in MSA, and a good selection of institutions offering courses in Syrian Colloquial. Of particular importance to the student is whether these institutions are able to provide paperwork allowing the student to obtain a residence card ("Iqama" in Arabic), which is indicated in the lists.

It is a good idea for the student to apply for a multiple entry Syrian visa. In the case that the student wishes to have access to the Internet and/or modern banking services which are unavailable in Syria, students can travel to Beirut. A transit visa for Lebanon is available at the border at no cost, but is only valid for stays up to 48 hours. A multiple entry Lebanese visa would be a wise investment in case this is discontinued, or for longer trips. Beirut is a short 2 to 3 hour journey away from Damascus.

The abbreviation SP indicates Syrian Pounds. A ballpark rate is currently about SP 50 = US$1 although both better and worse exchange rates can be found.

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