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Yemen is an excellent location to study Modern Standard Arabic (see the Overview of Arabic studies for further information on MSA). All three of the schools that the author is currently aware of have extensive web pages, browse them for further details.

The Yemen Language Center (YLC) offers Yemeni Colloquial and Fusha in small classes of 4-10 or to individuals. Their program of teaching Yemeni Colloquial to beginners and following this with Fusha is quite innovative and might be one of the best options in the Arab world for beginners with no previous study of Arabic.

The Center for Arabic Language & Eastern Studies (CALES), sometimes referred to as the Old City school, focuses on Fusha and Classical Arabic and also offers small classes or individual instruction.

The Modern American Language Institute (MALI) offers courses in MSA and Yemeni Colloquial. The class size is 4 persons or less, and individual instruction is available.

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